UV Disinfection Robots
This range of UV Disinfection Robots deserves praise for its ergonomic appearance and long working life. High output, low production cost, reasonable price, user friendly mechanism and low maintenance charge are their other features.
Delivery Disinfection Robots
This array of Delivery Disinfection Robots can be availed with 12 months of warranty. Made of 316 grade stainless steel, these robots have long working life. User friendly mechanism, long lasting quality, accurate dimension, high strength and low maintenance charge are their other features.
Factory & Warehousing Automation
This array of Factory & Warehousing Automation systems has been meticulously designed to reduce project cost and to minimize human effort. Developed by skilled technocrats, these systems have high performance. Long working life, easy operating system and long lasting quality are their other features.
Mining Robots
This array of Mining Robots are useful for creating safe working environment in mining area. These systems are equipped with ore cutter, collector, dumper and attached reinforcement drill. Long working life and accurate dimension are their key aspects.
Sludge & Chemical Cleaning Robot
Sludge & Chemical Cleaning Robots offered by us have been developed by seasoned personnel. Excellent cleaning result, ability to access hard to reach areas, user friendly operating interface and low maintenance charge are their main aspects.
Defence Robots
Defence Robots have been specially designed to carry out hazardous tasks. These automatic robots are simple to operate and these can be managed even by a semi skilled operator if given proper training. Long service life and standard safety features are their key aspects.
Mining Remotely Operated Drilling Machine
Mining Remotely Operated Drilling Machines offer by us differ in speed, power and size. They are widely suited to drill and cut the cores in numerous diameter. Also, they are useful for creating a bituminous pavement and are extensively demanded in the mining sector.
Solar Panel Cleaning Robot
Our company is selling a revolutionary Solar Panel Cleaning Robot that is integrated with advance technology that automatically and strategically clean solar panels of all sizes. The users can pre-set their requirements by reading the given user manual.
Robotic Disinfection System
Since 2019, people have changed their perspective about personal hygiene and health safety. Now most enterprises and industries use our Robotic Disinfection System to sanitize, deodorize, and disinfect large premises in set time intervals.

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