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Increase business quality and productivity with robots like Sludge Cleaning Robot, Tank Cleaning Robot and more.

About Us

For dangerous, demanding, and repetitive work environments in India and internationally, Janyu Technologies Pvt. Ltd. manufactures, exports, and supplies reasonably priced human-enabling collaborative robots. We want to dominate the market for cooperative human-enabling robots in the long term. To do it, we are using the expertise we have amassed in developing, designing and producing a multi-Purpose RoV for defense use. Our robotics platforms include modular architectures that allow for customization and scalability to various applications. Our current Robotics platform technology will be applied to multiple industrial verticals by making the necessary design adjustments to the software and hardware.
Why Choose Us?

Our Technologies

  • We are engaged in designing Mechatronic systems and development of our machines (Solidworks & Auto CAD).
  • We develop Robotics Firmware (C, C++, Python, Linux-shell).
  • We Control the Algorithm formulation for Robotics applications.
  • UI/UX application are developed from our end using;(Node. JS, Javascript, HTML5, CSS).
  • We offer embedded electronics prototype and development (Altium Designer).
  • We offer industrial design and focus on quality manufacturing.

Business Models

  • Customised robot as per client requirement
  • Direct sale of standard robots
  • Robot as a service model (EMI or rental)Integration
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