Mining Robots

The Mining robots we deal in are used for navigating the flooded passages, uniformly and autonomously. These make use of cameras as well as sensors for identifying the different minerals. These robots make use of novel technologies and can mine different mineral deposits. Mining robots can reduce the danger for human jobs and enable improved productivity. Also, these can evade the occurrence of accidents. The robots can perform well in the hazardous working environments. Productivity of the mining sector can be increased. Offered systems are suited for the processing industry and allow for effective drilling, cutting dozing and loading operations.

Remotely Operated Varaha Ore Loading/Dozing Vehicle For Mines

  • Power:250 Watt (w)
  • Material:Mild Steel
  • Usage:Mines, Ore processing industry for drilling , loading ,dozing and cutting operations
  • Product Type:Industrial
  • Voltage:415 Volt (v)
  • Warranty:1 year
  • Supply Ability:10 Per Month

Varaha SC-E - Industrial Tank Cleaning Robot

  • Supply Ability:50 Per Month
  • Product Type:Oil,Chemical,Water tanks etc.
  • Usage:Sludge removal

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